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Electrical lighting services.


We offer electrical lighting design and electrical lighting systems design services encompassing a large variety of engineering requirements. A network of hundreds of clients across four continents attests to the fact that we deliver absolutely reliable and high quality electrical engineering services
Being a global electrical design and drafting services firm, we understand the importance of conforming to various engineering standards existing in different countries, and deliver competent electrical lighting design, drafting and modelling services. Meeting quality standards and exceeding expectations is an inherent part of each project success. Comprehensive coverage of electrical engineering design solutions involves the capacity to meet the wide variety of electrical lighting design needs.
 Our electrical lighting design services encompass both:
  • Interior Lighting Design and Plans

  • Exterior Lighting Design and Plans

This include:

  • Commercial Buildings Lighting Design

  • Residential Buildings Lighting Design

  • Landscape Lighting Design

  • Outdoor Lighting Design

Our team has extensive experience in managing both large volume and ongoing electrical lighting CAD projects. We deliver customised solutions, keeping with the business needs of our clients. Flexibility of software, input formats, output formats and other aspects is assured. 
Our Lighting Systems Design services include:





  • Determining the Lux levels for each classified area together with lighting controls requirements for power savings, for both indoor and outdoor lightings
  • Light Fixture Layout Designing involving Normal, Emergency, Critical and Life Safety
  • Light Fixtures Identification as per recommended Standards and Occupancy sensors, dimmers, etc., their selection and placement at appropriate locations
  • Worst-Case Egress Lighting Estimations
  • Lighting Load Estimations and determining numbers of feeders for Lighting Panel
  • Lighting Distribution Panel design
  • Switchgear Sizing
  • Determining Transformer Size for Lighting Distribution systems
  • Designing the Life safety and Emergency Panels
  • Determining the Lighting Panel Location based on inputs provided
Guarantee the success of your lighting CADD projects, and increase your productivity in electrical engineering services management through our solutions. Save more, benefit more and spend less through our electrical lighting CAD services. Contact us to get more information.


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