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Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services
We provide a complete range of finite element analysis; modeling and simulation services thus helping you translate conceptual designs into reality. We have a vast industry experience, with elite clients spread across the globe in countries of US, UK, Canada, India,  Gulf and Australia.



Our FEA Expertise:
• Linear and non-linear FEA
• Static stress Analysis
• Buckling Analysis
• Thermal FEA
• Structural FEA

Our FEA engineering and consulting services help you build flawless designs that excel in quality and performance.

Our Technological Expertise:

Industries we have worked for:
• Aerodynamics
• Automotive
• Turbomachinery
• Electronics and Semiconductors
• Chemical
• Biomedical
Why hire us for your FEA requirements?
• Our solutions ensure an enhanced product performance
• We promise timely delivery and cost effective services
• With a world class infrastructure and a highly qualified team we offer superlative FEA services
• We have the latest software for creating defined models and accurate simulations
• Client satisfaction is our prime concern, and the clients interest always comes first
• We help you stay ahead in competition
• We are there for you 24X7 to provide matchless client support services
Structural Finite Element Analysis Services
We offer expert structural analysis and consulting services utilizing the most advanced technology and software. Highly detailed models and precise simulations help us carry out thorough structural analysis and provide the best solutions.

Our Structural FEA Services:
• Static and dynamic structural analysis
• Buckling analysis
• Contact and nonlinear structural analysis
• Harmonic stress analysis
• Full transient dynamic
• Material Creep testing
• Response spectrum
• Random vibration analysis
• Large displacement calculation
• Analysis of stress on a structure due to vibrations
Delivering superlative services
We ensure that our suggestions and rectifications based on a comprehensive analysis of the system, promote safety, robustness and performance of the design. We provide on time delivery of apt solutions that are cost effective and meet the client's requirements.
Integrate our structural analysis services during the design phase; it will help save the costs on prototype testing and rectifications.
We have provided FEA services for industries like aerospace, automobiles, consumer products, industrial equipments etc. Client satisfaction is our prime concern, it helps us garner good will in the industry and encourage long term business relations with our clients.


FEA Stress Analysis Services
We provide static stress analysis services that help redesign or rectify designs for an improved performance. Our analysis and consulting services also help you determine the right material for your designs, thus reduce the static stress and displacements that cause inefficiency and malfunctioning.

Our Static Stress FEA services:
• Assembly & Part Stress Analysis
• Contact Stress Analysis
• Deflection Analysis
• Deflections and Strains Correlation Analysis
• Position of Thermal Stresses
• Stiffness Analysis
• Factors of Safety Calculation
Our technical competency allows accurate analysis
Our team is highly experienced with a strong technical expertise. We use the latest and technologically advanced software's like Ansys, Cosmos and Nastran. This allows us to provide well defined 3d models and accurate simulations, thus analyzing and suggesting the best solutions for optimizing the design and its performance.
Extensive industrial experience and excellent client support
We have provided static stress analysis services for a plethora of applications and industries like automobiles, aerospace, marine, power generation, consumer goods etc. We work to our maximum capacity in the best interests of the client.
Linear & Non-linear Finite Element Analysis Services
We have a vast experience of handling linear and nonlinear analysis for very basic to highly complex mechanisms. Having an excellent team and a world class infrastructure enables us to provide superlative services.

Linear FEA Services
• Safety margins and design factors
• Assembly Stress Analysis
• Part stress analysis
• Contact Stress Analysis
• Deflection Analysis
• Correlation Analysis Deflections/ Strains
• Position of Thermal Stresses
• Stiffness Analysis for achieving stated targets
Non-linear FEA Services
• Non-Linear Geometric & Dynamic Analysis
• Non-Linear Material Analysis
• Time Domain Response Analysis
• Impact simulation Analysis
• Elasto-Plastic Deformation Analysis
• Rubber & Elastomers FEA
• Thermo-Mechanical Analysis where large displacements take place
• Contact stresses and nonlinear supports analysis
Early Incorporation of linear and non linear FEA services
The clients who incorporated our linear and nonlinear FEA services right from the stage of conception and design generation have saved huge amounts of money that usually gets wasted in prototyping, testing and rectifications.
Client Support and Business Continuity
We communicate with the clients keeping them updated of every progress. Our team also determines the need for non linear analysis depending on the complexity of the mechanism and the effects due to material deformation. Client support and satisfaction is our goal. We offer cost effective services, ensure an on time delivery and put in our best efforts to ensure business continuity.

FEA Thermal Analysis Services
We have an expert team of engineers and designers who create the most accurate models and simulations, thus providing world class thermal analysis services. We help our clients stay a notch above their competitors; our extensive client base spreads across the globe in countries of US, UK, Australia and Canada.
Thermal Analysis Expertise:
• Steady State Analysis
• Heat Transfer Analysis
• Transient Analysis
• Conduction Analysis
• Convection Analysis
• Radiation Analysis
• Transient Thermal Analysis
• Thermo-mechanical Analysis
• Coupled Thermo-fluid analysis
• Natural and Forced Convection Analysis
• Part and Assembly Stress Analysis
• Creep Analysis
• Non-Linear Thermal analysis of curing processes
Integrate our thermal analysis services, during the concept generation and design phase to reduce the costs of prototyping and testing. Introducing thermal FEA at an early stage creates a foundation for enhanced performance via appropriate product design.
Our Thermal Analysis expertise helps us in:
• Accurate stress and fatigue area identification
• Hot spot detection
• Identifying thermal and heating related flaws and errors in designs
• Determining the effect of loading in transient, high and low temperature climates
Our services are aimed at providing client satisfaction leading to business continuity and goodwill in the industry.

Buckling Analysis Services
We have years of experience and an expert team of engineers and analysts. We conduct buckling analysis with expert precision and provide the most cost effective solutions.
Sometimes linear buckling analysis is not sufficient, there are several nonlinearities that influence the loading capacity, we help you determine the need of non linear buckling analysis, and make sure that we provide the most accurate and performance enhancing solutions.
Our range of Buckling Analysis Services includes:
• Linear buckling analysis
• Non-linear buckling analysis
• Buckling failure analysis
• Mesh sensitivity analysis
• Modal, Frequency, Eigen buckling analysis
• Non-linear Geometric, material, and boundary buckling analysis
• Weld evaluation and inspection
• Solid models migration from other CAD systems
With the technologically advanced software's like ANSYS, NASTRAN and COSMOS at our helm and a world class infrastructure, we are well equipped to provide superlative buckling FEA services.
We provide highly comprehensive and detailed FEA reports. Our accuracy and analysis expertise helps our clients develop their products to eliminate any defects or glitches, thus improving the product quality and performance.
Industries we have worked for:
• Aerodynamics
• Turbomachinery
• Automotive
• Electronics and Semiconductors
• Chemical
• Biomedical
Integrate our FEA engineering and consulting services right from the design stage. We will help your save massive costs of testing and prototyping by providing accurate modeling, simulation and analysis services.

Fatigue Analysis Services
We offer expert fatigue analysis services, which help you, identify and rectify structural issues, thus eliminating any causes of malfunctioning or failure. Working on several projects of varying complexities over the years, we have gained a complete insight and expertise in crack infiltration and growth, fracture mechanism etc.
We create the best and the most precise 3D models and simulations, this is pivotal in finding the best material and suggesting design alterations for enhanced performance.

Fatigue Finite Element Analysis Services:
• Failure Prediction Analysis
• Cycle to Crack Formation
• S-N Curves Analysis
• Threshold Stress Intensity
• High and Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
• Dynamic Tear Testing
• Stress / Creep Rupture Analysis
• Vibration Fatigue Analysis
Failure due to fatigue can be caused due to several factors such as temperature, structural resonance and material purity. Apart from these factors existing design errors, unchecked loading conditions and lack of maintenance also causes failure.
We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the system and identify the reason of failure, also suggesting cost effective and the most appropriate solutions.
We work with an objective of offering utmost quality and cost effectiveness. Keeping clients interests to the fore; ensures business continuity and good will in the industry.

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