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  • Shell and tube heat exchanger

  • Plate type heat exchangers

  • Finned tube heat exchanger

  • Compact plate heat exchanger

  • Double pipe heat exchanger

  • Plate fin heat exchanger

Sandhya design consultancy is one of the leading design consultancy started in 1963 founded by late Subrmanyam Roy, presently our branches in United States(u.s), Dubai uae and India.  We provide design calculations and detailing CAD drawings for petroleum  Heat Exchanges , shell and tube,  plate type heat exchanges

           Our major clients in 2017 and 2018 are, faster wheeler, saipem, petrofac, aldia designs, dow chemicals etc..

    Total projects completed in 2017 - 256

    Total projects complect in 2018 - 430

We provide project management services for all type of heat exchangers

  • U  TUBE 



  • Design with codes ASME SECTION  VIII Div 1& Div 2, ASME sec 1 , TEMA, API 660 & Detail engineering
  • Fabrication Drawings preparation.





  • Flexible in design, customised solution

  • Suitable for high temperature & presure applications

  • Thermal design in HTRI and Chemcad Software

  • Mechanical design in PVD and PV Elite Software

  • TEMA configurations available like BEM, BET, BKU, AES, AEL, etc.

  • Wide choice of Material of Construction



  • Sandhya Tube Heat Exchanger for various industrial application like heating, cooling, condensing and reboiling
  • We Design & Engineering  units presently to working pressure of 80 bar for process / service plant and with -196 C temperature upto 400 C. For specific design we can manufacture units with 150 bar pressure at 500 C. 
  • Our Design & Engineering  facility is equipped to fabricate STHE with diameter of 2000 mm and tube length upto 9000 mm. For special equipment we can make heat exchanger with 12000 mm tube length
  • We design STHE with or without ASME 'U' stamp certification, CE certification and others codes.
  • Heat exchangers are manufactured with carbon steel or Stainless Steel AISI 304/316, depending upon the application. Material like SS304L, SS316L, Hastelloy, Copper, Cu-Ni alloys, Titanium, AL6XN can also be offered.
 COST SAVING From estimating , our Design Engineers  & Draftsman designs are created to efficient fabrication, which saves customers on material cost and manufacturing time. 
Quality Drawings : We generate high quality fabrication  drawings for every  project, which results in consistent of quality delivered to customers.
Project Efficiency: Working with our  Managers and design team  allows Riggins to select the best materials and best methods for fabrication. result  quality fabrications, delivered on-time.
On-Time Delivery:  we live it daily, With the fabrication process in mind during the design stage we are able to avoid delays at the build stage. Fabrication  heat exchangers requires tight machining tolerances and welds that must conform exactly to approved welding procedures

Materials of Construction, Sandhya consultancy  Design for weld procedures cover all  wide variety of metals such as  stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel, copper alloys, Copper Nickel (CuNi), Inconel, Monel, Haynes Alloys, titanium, and other exotic alloys.




  • Heat recovery heat exchangers design,

  • Ambient air vaporizer design

  • LNG vaporizer design

  • Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen vaporizer design

  • Open rack vaporizer design

  • Submerged Combustion Vaporizer design

  • Shell & Tube Vaporizers

  • Double pipe heat exchangers design

  • Oil cooler heat exchangers design

  • Air heated heat exchanger design

  • Steam condenser heat exchanger design

  • Air-Cooled Condenser for Steam Condensation Design HTRI

  • Dynamic Modeling of Steam Condenser and Design

  • Air conditioner condenser & evaporator design 

  • Intercooler & After Cooler heat exchanger design


  • Air-Cooled Condenser for Steam Condensation Design HTRI

  • Dynamic Modeling of Steam Condenser and Design

  • Surface condenser design

  • Hybrid steam condenser Design

  • Steam Condenser Vacuum Calculations

  • Steam Condenser: Basics, Parts, Advantages,

  • Condensate Recovery System- Steam System

  • Design of a steam plant condenser

  • Standards for Steam Surface Condensers.

  • Software thermal design - Multi Component Condensers

  • Turbine Gland Steam Condenser HTRI

  • Dump steam condenser

  • Vertical-Fluted-Tube Condenser

  • Large Steam System Condensers

  • Flash steam condenser

  • Condenser for steam turbine design HTRI

  • Steam Surface Condenser Design

  • Flash Steam Vent Condensers design HTRI



  • Feed water heater design & engineering

  • Open and closed feed water heater design

  • Thermal power plants feed water heaters design

  • Boiler Feed water Heaters design

  • LP / HP Boiler Feed water Heaters design

  • Feed water Heater in Steam Power Plant design

  • Feed water heater (LP/HP) - Shell and tube heat exchangers

  • Feed water heaters for motor ships design

  • Feed water Heater Tubes thermal design


  • Air Conditioning – condenser & Evaporator design



  • Oil cooled Shell and tube heat exchangers design

  • Oil cooled all type of Heat Exchangers design

  • Lube Oil Cooler Heat Exchanger design

  • Oil/water cooled plate heat exchanger PHE design

  • Hydraulic Oil Coolers (cooled) Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger design HTRI

  • Oil Coolers for lubrication equipment design – Heat Exchangers -

  • Turbine Lube Oil System all type of Heat Exchangers design. HTRI

  • Engine Oil Coolers & all type of Heat Exchangers design

  • Transformer-oil-cooler & all type of Heat Exchangers design

  • Fan, Radiator, Coolant Recovery System, Heat Exchangers design HTRI


  • Oil & gas, refineries oil heated heat exchangers design.

  • Hot Oil System heat exchangers Design


  • Storage tanks Steam Coil design

  • Storage tanks Heating Coil Design

  • Heating Coil Sizing For Fuel Oil Tank

  • Sizing Heating and Cooling Coils for all equipment’s.

  • Design of Coil Heat Exchanger

  • Heating Coil in The Main Air Handling Unit design

  • Crude Oil Storage Tank Heating Coil design


  • heat exchanger design for heating and hot water production .

  • Plate heat exchangers (PHEs) design

  • Heat exchanger design for twisted geometries for biogas process

  • U-pipe and Coaxial heat exchangers design.

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers design

  • Double pipe heat exchangers design

  • Plate heat exchangers design HTRI

  • Condensers, evaporators, and boilers.

  • U-shaped finned heat pipe heat exchanger

  • Copper Coaxial Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube type design HTRI

  • Thermal design and optimization of fin-and-tube heat exchanger

  • Steam Operated Plate Heat Exchanger design

  • Cross flow vs. counter flow heat exchanger design

  • Falling Film Exchangers and Evaporators design

  • Water Cooled Surface Condenser design


  • Horizontal and Vertical Condensers design

  • Compact heat exchangers design


  • Shell and tube heat exchanger

  • Plate type heat exchangers

  • Finned tube heat exchanger

  • Compact plate heat exchanger

  • Double pipe heat exchanger

  • Plate fin heat exchanger


  • Rice Mill Heat Exchangers design

  • Pulp and paper industry heat exchangers design

  • Oil & gas industry all heat exchangers design

  • Refineries all heat exchangers design

  • Petrochemicals all type of heat exchangers design.

  • Thermal power plants all type of heat exchangers design

  • Hydraulic power plants all type of heat exchangers design

  • Nuclear power plants all type of heat exchangers design HTRI

  • Fertilizer industries all type of heat exchangers design

  • Dry wood pulp in pulp and paper mill steam coils design HTRI

  • Welded plate Heat exchangers design for pulp and paper industry.

  • Heat recovery heat exchanger design for pulp and paper industry.

  • Plate heat exchangers,

  • Spiral heat exchangers design HTRI

  • Evaporation of sewage heat exchanger design

  • Cooling of sewage heat exchanger design

  • cooling of hydraulic oil heat exchanger design

  • motors and gearboxes cooling heat exchanger design HTRI

  • heating of steam process water heat exchanger design



  • Plate heat exchanger in oil refineries and oil production design

  • Crude preheat train, heat exchanger design

  • Crude heat exchanger , Primary distilled oil heat exchanger, Primary overhead oil heat exchanger,

  • Overhead oil gas heat exchanger, Overhead oil-water cooler, First-line oil heat exchanger,

  • Second-line oil heat exchanger, Third-line oil heat exchanger:

  • Heat exchanger design for Heating of fuel-oil, diesel fuel, crude oil, kerosene, HVF, tar, etc.

  • Heat exchanger design for Cooling of hydraulic turbine, transformer oil and lube oil

  • Heat exchanger design for Heating of natural gas, before or after expansion HTRI

  • (to avoid freezing the ground)

  • Heat exchanger design for Heating of bitumen and coated materials


  • heat exchangers used in the offshore industry

  • shell and tube exchangers;

  • plate heat exchangers comprising a stack of thin plates;

  • double pipe heat exchangers;

  • and condensers, evaporators, and boilers.

  • Heat exchanger design for preheating

  • Heat exchanger design for hating, and drying,

  • Heat exchanger design for steam generation,

  • Heat exchanger design for crude oil cooling,

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