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Design of Condenser Circulating-Water Systems for Power Plants
• Designing Cathodic-Protection Systems for Power-Plant Condensers
• Steam-Condenser Performance Analysis
• Steam-Condenser Air Leakage determination
• Steam-Condenser Selection
• Air-Ejector Analysis and Selection
• Surface-Condenser Circulating-Water Pressure Loss  determination
• Surface-Condenser Weight Analysis
• Weight of Air in Steam-Plant Surface Condenser
• Cooling-Pond Size calculation  for a Known Heat  Load


Selecting Gas-Turbine Heat-Recovery  Boilers
• Gas-Turbine Cycle Efficiency Analysis and Output Determination
• Determining Best-Relative-Value of Industrial Gas Turbines Using a Life- Cycle Cost Model
• Determining Oxygen and Fuel Input in  Gas-Turbine Plants
• Steam Turbogenerator Efficiency and Steam Rate determination.
• Turbine Exhaust Steam Enthalpy and Moisture Content determination.
• Steam Turbine No-Load and Partial-Load Steam Flow
• Power Plant Performance Based on Test Data
• Determining Turbogenerator Steam Rate at Various Loads
• Analysis of Reheating-RegenerativeTurbine Cycle
• Mechanical-Drive Steam-Turbine Power-Output Analysis
• Condensing Steam-Turbine Power-Output Analysis
• Steam-Turbine Regenerative-Cycle Performance
• Steam Turbine-Gas Turbine Cycle
• Analysis of Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber Inlet Air Temperature
• Regenerative-Cycle Gas-Turbine Analysis


Combustion Calculations Using the Million BTU (1.055 MJ) Method
• Savings Produced by Preheating  Combustion Air
• Combustion  Calculations of Coal Fuel in a Furnace
• Determination Percent Excess Air While Burning Coke
• Combustion Calculations  of Fuel Oil in a Furnace
• Combustion Calculations of Natural Gas in a Furnace
• Combustion Calculations of Wood Fuel in a Furnace
• Molal Method of Combustion Analysis

Final Combustion Products Temperature Estimate 


Determining Equipment Loading for Generating Steam Efficiently
• Determining Steam Conditions with Two Boilers
• Supplying the Same Line
• Generating Saturated Steam by Desuperheating Superheated Steam
• Determining Furnace-Wall Heat Loss
• Converting Power-Generation Pollutants from Mass to Volumetric Units
• Steam Boiler Heat Balance Determination
• Determining Steam Boiler, Economizer, and Air- Heater Efficiency
• Fire-Tube Boiler Analysis and Selection
• Safety-Valve Steam-Flow Capacity
• Safety-Valve Selection for a Watertube Steam Boiler
• Steam-Quality Determination with aThrottling Calorimeter
• Determining Steam Pressure Drop in a Boiler Superheater
• Selection of a Steam Boiler for a Given Load
• Selecting Boiler Forced- and Induced- Draft Fans
• Power-Plant Fan Selection from Capacity Tables
• Fan Analysis at Varying RPM, Pressure, and Air or Gas Capacity
• Boiler Forced-Draft Fan Horsepower Determination
• Effect of Boiler Relocation on Draft Fan Performance
• Analysis of Boiler Air Ducts and Gas Uptakes
• Determination of the Most Economical Fan Control
• Smokestack Height and Diameter Determination
• Power-Plant Coal-Dryer Analysis
• Determining Coal Storage Capacity of Piles and Bunkers
• Determining Boiler Fuel Conversion from Oil or Gas to Coal
• Energy Savings from Reduced Boiler Scale
• Ground Area and Unloading Capacity Required for Coal Burning
• Heat Recovery from Boiler Blowdown Systems
• Determining Boiler Blowdown Percentage
• Determining Waste-Heat Boiler Fuel Savings

Steam-Plant Feedwater-Heating cycle Analysis
• Direct-Contact Feedwater Heater Analysis
• Closed Feedwater Heater Analysis and Selection Power-Plant Heater Extraction-Cycle
• Analysis Feedwater Heating with Diesel-Engine Repowering of a Steam Plant


Determination of Diesel Generating Unit Efficiency
• Determination Engine Displacement, Mean Effective Pressure, and Efficiency
• Determination  Engine Mean Effective Pressure and Horsepower
• Determination  Engine Piston Speed, Torque, Displacement, and Compression Ratio
• Internal-Combustion Engine Cooling-Water Requirements
• Design of a Vent System for an Engine Room Design of a Bypass Cooling System for an Engine
• Hot-Water Heat-Recovery System Analysis
• Diesel Fuel Storage Capacity and Cost
• Power Input to Cooling-Water and Lube-Oil Pumps
• Lube-Oil Cooler Selection and Oil Consumption  Internal-Combustion Engine


Determination Series Pump Installation Analysis
• Determination  Parallel Pumping Economics
• Using Centrifugal Pump Specific Speed to Select Driver Speed
• Centrifugal Pump Selection,Specific Speed Considerations in Centrifugal Pump Selection .
• Selecting the Best Operating Speed for a Centrifugal Pump
• Total Head on a Pump Handling Vapor-FreeLiquid
• Pump Selection for any Pumping System
• Analysis of Pump and System Characteristic Curves
• Net Positive Suction Head for Hot- Liquid Pumps
• Condensate Pump Selection for a Steam Power Plant
• Determination  Minimum Safe Flow for a Centrifugal Pump
• Selecting a Centrifugal Pump to Handle a Viscous Liquid
• Effect of Liquid Viscosity on Reciprocating-Pump Performance
• Effect of Viscosity and Dissolved Gas on Rotary Pumps
• Selection of Materials for Pump Parts
• Using Centrifugal Pumps as Hydraulic Turbines
• Sizing Centrifugal-Pump Impellers for Safety Service
• Pump Choice to Reduce Energy Consumption and Loss



Estimating the Cost of Air Leaks in Compressed-Air Systems 
• Air-Compressor Cooling-System Choice for Maximum Coolant Economy
• Economics of Air-Compressor Inlet Location
• Power Input Required by Centrifugal Compressor
• Compressor Selection for Compressed- Air Systems
• Sizing Compressed-Air System Components
• Compressed-Air Receiver Size and Pump-Up Time
• Vacuum-System Pump-Down Time
• Vacuum-Pump Selection for High- Vacuum Systems
• Vacuum-System Pumping Speed and Pipe Size
• Determining Air Leakage in Vacuum Systems by Calculation
• Checking the Vacuum Rating of a Storage Vessel
• Sizing Rupture Disks for Gases and Liquids
• Determining Airflow in Pipes, Valves, and Fittings

• Choosing Conveyors and Elevators for Specific Materials Transported
• Determining Equipment Design Parameters for Overhead Conveyors
• Bulk Material Elevator and Conveyor Selection
• Screw Conveyor Power Input and Capacity determination
• Design and Layout of Pneumatic  Conveying Systems




Selecting Type of Heat Exchanger for a Specific Application
• Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger Sizing
• Heat Exchanger Actual Temperature Difference
• Fouling Factors in Heat-Exchanger Sizing and Selection
• Heat Transfer in Barometric and Jet Condensers
• Selection of a Finned-Tube Heat Exchanger
• Sizing Electric Heaters for Industrial Use
• Determination of Economizer Heat Transfer Coefficient
• Heat-Transfer Design for Internal Steam Tracing of Pipelines
• Designing Heat-Transfer Surfaces for External Heat Tracing of Pipelines
• Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers: Preliminary Selection


• Determination of stresses in solid and hollow shafts and their components
• Shaft Torque and Shearing Stress Determination
• Choice of Shaft Diameter to Limit Torsional Deflection
• Shaft Diameter Needed to Transmit Given Load at Stated Stress
• Maximum Stress in a Shaft Produced by Bending and Torsion
• Comparison of Solid and Hollow Shaft Diameters
• Shaft Key Dimensions, Stresses, and Factor of Safety
• Shaft Key Minimal Length for Known Torsional Stress
• Energy Stored in a Rotating Flywheel
• Pulley and Gear Loads on Shafts
• Shaft Reactions and Bending Moments
• Equivalent Bending Moment and Ideal Torque for a Shaft
• Torsional Deflection of Solid and Hollow Shafts
• Deflection of a Shaft Carrying Concentrated and Uniform Loads
• Selection of Keys for Machine Shafts
• Selecting a Leather Belt for Power Transmission
• Selecting a Rubber Belt for Power Transmission
• Selecting a V Belt for Power Transmission
• Selecting Multiple V Belts for Power Transmission
• Selection of a Wire-Rope Drive
• Design Methods for Noncircular Shafts


• Analyzing Gears for Dynamic Loads
• Helical-Gear Layout Analysis
• Analyzing Shaft Speed in Epicyclic Gear Trains
• Speeds of Gears and Gear Trains
• Selection of Gear Size and Type
• Gear Selection for Light Loads
• Selection of Gear Dimensions
• Horsepower Rating of Gears
• Moment of Inertia of a Gear Drive
• Bearing Loads in Geared Drives
• Force Ratio of Geared Drives
• Determination of Gear Bore Diameter
• Transmission Gear Ratio for a Geared Drive
• Epicyclic Gear Train Speeds
• Planetary-Gear-System Speed Ratio


• Designing Steam Tracing for Piping
• Steam Tracing a Vessel Bottom to Keep the Contents Fluid
• Designing Steam-Transmission Lines without Steam Traps
• Line Sizing for Flashing Steam Condensate
• Saving Energy Loss from Storage Tanks and Vessels
• Saving Energy Costs by Relocating Heat-Generating Units
• Energy Savings from Vapor Recompression
• Effective Stack Height for Disposing Plant Gases and Vapors
• Savings Possible from Using Low-Grade Waste Heat for Refrigeration
• Excess-Air Analysis to Reduce Waste-Heat Losses
• Estimating Size and Cost of Venturi Scrubbers
• Sizing Desuperheater-Condensers Economically
• Sizing Vertical Liquid-Vapor Separators
• Sizing a Horizontal Liquid-Vapor Separator
• Sizing Rupture Disks for Gases and Liquids

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