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Sandhya design consultancy is one of the leading design consultancy started in 1963 founded by late Subrmanyam Roy, presently our branches in United States(u.s), Dubai uae and India.  We provide design calculations and detailing CAD drawings for  pressure vessels, toll columns , reactors, etc..

 Our major clients in 2017 and 2018 are, faster wheeler, saipem, petrofac, aldia designs, dow chemicals etc..

    Total projects completed in 2017 - 256

    Total projects complect in 2018 - 430

We provide project management services for all type of storage tanks

Sandhya Consultancy  leading service provider of Pressure Vessel Design Calculations and detailing services in Globe. The designing of pressure vessel and  detailing services is we provide services  sector like Oil & gas, refinary, petrochemicals,  Chemical, Pharma, power sectors,  Food &beverages, brewery & dairy sector. Sandhya Consultancy services have gained immense appreciation with our clients  to our clear designing.


Design of Pressure Vessels as per ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sec. VIII, Div. 1, Div. 2 , PD 5500, IS 2825, EN 13445 etc.

For design of Pressure Vessel Sandhya consultancy used PV Elite Software and GA for Customer approval purpose as well as Fabrication / Shop drawings preparation purpose Raj consultancy used AUTOCAD Software

For U stamp and other marking vessel Raj consultancy provide manual & PV Elite calculation sheet as well as GA We provide complete fabrication drawing as per the exact code requirement.

Raj consultancy provide Finite Element Analysis for pressure vessel & Pressure vessel components.

Why Sandhya consultancy  for Pressure vessel Design:

  • The successful completion of every project includes an accurate Engineering design calculations and drawings  plan that is developed to meet your specific project’s within budget and timeline. Raj consultancy  has the experience to guide you through the planning of your project and the knowledge to fit that project within your budget.

  • Sandhya consultancy Engineers and Draftsman  Always available for doubts and clarifications.

  • Sandhya consultancy  Represent one contact person for deals  each client.

  • Deliver  deliverables with in time.

  • Sandhya  consultancy  Complete project within commitment time.

  • Cost effective  designs

  • One supervisor checking and one management checking for all calculations and drawings.

ASME Sec VIII Division-1
ASME Sec VIII Division-2 (Alternative Rules)
AD-2000 Merkblatt
EN-13445 (Unfired Pressure Equipment)
EN-13458 (Cryogenic Pressure Vessel)
EN-286 (Simple Pressure Vessel)
ISO 20703 (Gas cylinder)
API 660 (Heat Exchanger for Refinery Service)
TEMA Standards for Heat Exchanger
IS 2825 (Unfired Pressure Vessel)

FEED (1).gif


design and analysis of pressure vessels per ASME Boilers and pressure vessels codes
ASME SEC VIII DIV 1, DIV 2, PD 5500 , IS 2825 , EN CODE, AD 2000, .

pressure vessels   : PV Elite
Pressure vessels   : Compress
                 FEA      : ANSYS

Mechanical ​design calculations  and fabrication drawings for pressure vessels , towers, separators ,Air receivers  , vertical pressure vessels , horizontal pressure vessels , columns ,spherical vessels,  Reaction Vessel ,Silos, chemical reactors, jacketed reactors, Agitated vessels,reactors , jacketed vessels,  Chemical process tanks, Mixing vessels,H2S services,Distillation columns, pressure Vessels for Refrigeration & Cryogenic ,vessels for high temperature service, hydrogen storage.   etc.

We provide complete report of
                           design calculations including:
Complete strength(Thickness calculations) calculations .
Internal pressure calculations
External pressure calculations
wind load calculations
seismic load calculations
MAWP/MAP calculations
Hydro test pressure details shop/field​​​
combined load calculations
nozzle load calculations WRC107/WRC 197
FEA analysis if required
MDMT requirements
radiography requirements ​​​
Heat treatment requirements
Weld strength calculations as per code requirements
NACE requirements.
Flange ratings
Flat heads/man way covers design
Design of supports for internals beds ,demisters etc
Large openings in flat heads
Calculation detail Weights
Vessels supports design
tower/column deflection and control
stiffener Rings design
lifting Legs/tailing Lugs/trunnion design. 




Vessel fabrication drawings includes


General arrangements(G.A) drawing
Nozzle orientation Drawing
Nozzle detail drawing
Man Way covers detail drawing
Name plate detail
formed Head detail drawing




Oil & Gas Pressure Vessels Design
        + Slug Catchers
        – Accumulator Bottles
        – Dehydrators
        – 2 Phase Separators
        – 3 Phase Separators
        – 12J Separators
        – Towers
        – Absorber Vessels
        – Amine Still Vessels
        – Packaged Vessels
        – Trayed Towers
        – Stripper Columns
        – Autoclave Vessels
        – Depropanizer Towers
        – Debutanizer Towers
        – Demethanizer Towers
        – Knockout Drums

Sandhya Reviews

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Stirling,             Canterbury,Lichfield,Newry,Ripon,Bangor,Truro,   Ely,Wells,St Davids,Antigua and Barbuda,

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