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Our Advanced structural design services structures:
High Rise Structures - steel, composite structures, prefabricated
  building systems etc.
• Industrial Structures  - industrial sheds, industrial plants,
   factories ,etc.
• Commercial Structures - warehouses, healthcare and education
   buildings, theaters etc.
• Residential Structures – Residential buildings , wooden
   structures, unit blocks, condos, villas and more
• Roof Structure Designs, Roof Trusses Structure Designs Services
• structural analysis
•  Equipment supports   like skids, skirts, legs for static
    equipments and other equipments.


Beam Designs Services, Structural Beam Designs Services
Some of our beam design structure types as below:
- Cantilever Beam Design
- I Beam Design
-Hip Beam Designs
-Special Beam Designs
-Beam Materials
• Column Designs Services, Structural Column Designs Services
A column may be classified based on different criteria such as:
1. Based on shape
• Rectangle
• Square
• Circular
• Polygon
2. Based on slenderness ratio
• Short column
• Long column
3. Based on type of loading
• Axially loaded column
• A column subjected to axial load and uniaxial bending
• A column subjected to axial load and biaxial bending
4. Based on pattern of lateral reinforcement
• Tied columns
• Spiral columns
Tower Design Services(including    transmission   and microwave towers)
RAJ  Heavy Engineering undertakes to design Structural Tower Design Services made to the needs of the buyer, so that the design meets the parameters of
1. Space available
2. Wind Speed Applicable
3. Antenna Loads to be applied
4. Facilities required on tower
5. Twist and sway required by the communication system


RAJ  in the industry, we offer RCC Designing Services such as Residential RCC Designing Services, Commercial RCC Designing Services, Industrial RCC Designing Services, Hospitality & Recreation Services,
Residential RCC Designing Services

We provide to our clients reliable RCC Design Works as per their specific requirements. The use of advanced technology help us to undertaken the entire RCC design work. In addition to this, we judiciously utilize the available resources to provide the best designs to our valued clients.
Commercial RCC Designing Services
Commercial RCC designing services offered allow us to offer customers reliable RCC Design work support as per specific design requirements. The use of advanced technology help us to undertaken the entire RCC design work. In addition to this, we judiciously utilize the available resources to provide the best designs to our valued clients. With design solutions offered in form of reinforced concrete structures, our team of experienced engineers have with them the necessary expertise to take care of entire structural designing process. They make use of the latest software for designing the RCC structures.
Service Features:
• Use of best design software support to deliver the solutions
• Service support of experienced professionals so as to ensure the offered design solutions result in achieving strong foundation of RCC structures
Earthquake Engineering and Seismic design Services
CCS has broad experience in seismic analysis and design. CCS Group engineers also have a keen understanding of seismic-related issues and new building code requirements affecting of structural and nonstructural components like buildings, equipments . As informed building owners or managers know, a seismic event is more likely to cause lost service time by compromising critical building systems and equipment than by damaging the structure itself.
Earthquake Engineering Expertise includes:
• Seismic analysis and design
• Seismic strengthening of existing structures
• Seismic design of structures , buildings, and equipment to promote life safety and minimize loss
Seismic qualification of non-structural equipment in essential facilities

Wind design services :
To help our clients understand and account for the effects of wind and airflow on the designs of buildings and structures, CPP offers various levels of wind engineering services, including initial consultations, numerical (or "desktop") analyses, computer simulations (CFD/CWE, WRF ), and wind tunnel testing.
CPP services help owners, architects, and engineers:
• Prevent critical wind and airflow problems early in the design phase
• Reduce or prevent wind-induced damage through building design testing
• Improve exhaust and air intake designs to support safe and comfortable indoor and outdoor environments
• Develop productive wind energy projects through wind resource assessments, wind farm micrositing, and wind turbine prototype performance testing
• Support safe and comfortable retail, patio, and recreational areas through pedestrian-level wind testing

Foundation designs services



RAJ CONSULTANCY is a personalized foundation designs firms have exceptional skills and expertise in the area of foundation designs services to individuals, industry, government agencies, and other professionals designers, particularly architects, engineers, and planners. Our foundation designs services offers a complete services taking care of everything from first plans to final plaster. Basically, a site is specifically tailored to meet individual requirements such as groundwater conditions, requisite level of data and above all budgetary constraints, however, most of the special foundation designers and services providers won’t comprehend the aforementioned requirements because there’s a dearth of adept professionals, state-of-the-art infrastructure and ample experience. That’s why clients are lined up at RAJ CONSULTANCY  to grab industry’s preeminent specialist foundation designs services that promises to content you all unexpected.
-Foundation design commercial/residential/industrial buildings
-Foundation design for Industrial structures/Towers
-Foundation design for Large storage tanks
-Foundation design for Vibration Equipments and Industrial heavy equipments  like,pumps, compressors,steam turbines ,gas turbines, blowers,etc.

Foundation Design Include
• Pile foundation analysis and design
• Foundation design of pile & pile cap
• Pole foundation design
• Load transfer calculations
• Technical & working drawings
Our Foundation drawings services include:
•   Building Foundation design
•   Raft/Pile Foundation design
•   Raft/Pile Foundation detailing
We can fulfill Foundation drawings needs for structures like:
•   Residential Buildings
•   Office/Commercial Buildings
•   Hotels & Hospitals
•   Industrial Plants, Mills, Factories, etc
•   Schools and Universities
•   Miscellaneous structures
Our Foundation Shop drawing services:
•   Concrete Foundation design
•   Foundation Plan Drawings
•   Footing, Beam & Column schedules
•   Pile, Shallow, Deep and Raft foundation drawings
•   AutoCAD Foundation plans
•   Retaining Wall design drawings
•   Plans, Elevations, sections, details in CAD
•   Foundation Shop drawings
•   Rebar detailing
•   2D Drafting & 3D Modeling
•   Construction Documentation
•   Engineering support
We are experienced in:
•  Concrete foundation design
•  Concrete shop drawings
•  Foundation plans (shallow, deep, pile)
•  Reinforcement layouts
•  Precast/Pre-stressed/Post-tensioned detailing
•  Elevations, sections, details
•  Footing plans
•  Construction shop drawings
•  Engineering drawings
•   Ground beam excavations
•   Foundation Plans with footing and column schedules
•   RCC Foundation shop drawings








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