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Building electrical services.


We have rich and varied experience in building wiring, and building power and lighting CADD solutions. Our building electrical design services for building electrical wiring diagrams, building circuits design, electrical drawings, building electrical system design. A leading offshore electrical design and dafting services provider, our clientele consists mainly of engineering companies and consultants, contractors, architects and CADD services firms. We serve both small firms and companies of international repute. 
Services we offer are comprehensive in range, covering a variety of Building structures like:



  • Huge Multi-storied commercial and residential buildings

  • Low rise commercial and residential buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Industrial plants and mills

  • Public Halls, Theatres and Cinema Halls

  • Monuments

  • Universities, Educational Institutions and Schools


Our Building Electrical Services include:
  • Building Wiring Diagrams Design Services

  • Building Lighting and Power System Design

  • Building Circuits Design

  • Panel Design Services

  • Building Electrical System Design

  • 3D Building Electrical Services


Our outputs are as detailed as our clients desire them to be. Our solutions include:
  • Electrical wiring layout schematics for transmission and distribution lines.

  • Control cable design, cable sizing, cable tray and supporting structure drafting.

  • Electrical Substation Motor control centers (MCC) drawings

  • Design and Layout drafting of Transformers, breakers, starters etc.

  • HV/LV switch gear

  • Switch board schedule

  • Layouts for substation containing circuit breaker, transformer, lightning arrester, bushing, bus coupler, bus bar, etc.

  • Layout of control panel like PLC containing MCB, ELCB, transformer, contactor, relays, push buttons, etc.

  • Terminations Diagrams

  • Control Circuits

  • LV/HV electrical devices

  • Material List

The precision and accuracy of your electrical engineering diagrams is highly critical for safe and secure engineering solutions. Our team comprises highly qualified electrical CAD professionals with specialised domain experience, and are supervised by engineers with a rich exposure in electrical design. Being a dedicated and quality services firm, we ensure that your electrical diagrams and layout plans are error-free and energy efficient, conforming to international quality standards, in accordance to all your specifications. Quality in building electrical engineering services is guaranteed through effective quality audit and review mechanisms in addition to detailed quality checks. With more than 99.8% accuracy, clarity and flexibility in output formats, as our client, you can rest assured of the value of your building wiring, power and lighting plans and diagrams. 


Mumbai,Delhi , Kolkata, Chennai , Bangalore,Hyderabad,Ahmedabad,Pune,Seurat ,Jaipur,Kanpur,Lucknow,Nagpur   ,Indore,             Patna,Bhopal,Thane,Vadodara,Visakhapatnam,New York,

Los Angeles,Chicago,Houston,Phoenix,Philadelphia,San Antonio,San Diego,Dallas,San Jose,Washington,Boston,Las Vegas,San Francisco,ENGLAND,Birmingham,Glasgow,

Liverpool,BristolENG,Manchester,Sheffield,Leeds,Edinburgh,Leicester,England,Northern Ireland,

Scotland,Wales,London              ,Birmingham,Leeds,Glasgow,Sheffield,Bradford,   Edinburgh,Liverpool,                 

Manchester,Bristol,Wakefield,Cardiff,Coventry,Nottingham,Leicester,Sunderland,Belfast,Newcastle upon Tyne,Brighton,Hull,Plymouth,Stoke-onTrent,Wolverhampton,Derby,Swansea,Southampton,Salford,                  

Aberdeen,Westminster,               Portsmouth,York,Peterborough,  Dundee,Lancaster,Oxford,Newport,                     

Preston             ,St Albans,Norwich,Chester,Cambridge,               Salisbury,Exeter,GloucesterLisburn,Chichester      


Stirling,             Canterbury,Lichfield,Newry,Ripon,Bangor,Truro,   Ely,Wells,St Davids,Antigua and Barbuda,

Australia,The Bahamas,Barbados,Belize,Canada,*Dominica,Grenada,Guyana,Ireland,Jamaica,

Malta,New Zealand,St Kitts and Nevis,St Lucia,St Vincent and the Grenadines,Trinidad and Tobago,

United Kingdom,United States of America,Toronto, Ontario,Quebec,Vancouver, British Columbia,

Calgary,Alberta,Ottawa, Ontario, St. John's,Newfoundland,Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island,

Saskatoon,Saskatchewan,Whitehorse,Yukon,Halifax,Nova Scotia, Banff,Alberta,SYDNEY,MELBOURNE,BRISBANE,PERTH,ADELAIDE,

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