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Oil & gas industries, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power plants, 



Sandhya design consultancy is one of the leading design consultancy started in 1963 founded by late Subrmanyam Roy, presently our branches in United States(u.s), Dubai uae and India.  We provide  process design services for oil & gas industries, refineries, petrochemicals, power plants, 


           Our major clients in 2017 and 2018 are, faster wheeler, saipem, petrofac, aldia designs, dow chemicals etc..

    Total projects completed in 2017 - 256

    Total projects complect in 2018 - 430

We provide project management services for all type of Process design


Sandhya  process department provides  render end-to-end Process Design & Engineering Services for Distillation, Extraction, Absorption, Reaction, Separation and other unit operations from Lab to Production scale. Backed by an experienced team of professionals, we have been rendering optimal solutions of Process Design Services. Today, we have carved a niche as one of the reliable providers of Process Design Solutions. Our services include : for process plants, power plants, refineries, petrochemical, oil and gas plants, air separation plants, fertilizer plants, steel plants, and cement plants. Typical detail engineering documents and tasks include:


  • -Development of piping & Instrumentation diagrams(P&ID)

  • -Development of process flow diagrams (PFD)

  • -Preparation equipment and instrument data sheets.

  • -Selection & sizing of static and rotating equipments

  • -Conceptual Process Design.

  • -Process design including basic engineering/FEED and Detailed       Engineering·

  • -Heat & material balance

  • -Detailed Feasibility Study.

  • -​Development of P&ID’s based on FEED​

  • -Preparation of P&ID’s for utilities​

  • -Sizing calculations​

  • -Hydraulic calculations​

  • -Performing insulation and heat tracing calculations​

  • -Preparation of line list, equipment list, valve list, etc.​

  • Preparation of plant operation and maintenance manual​



fixed roof storage tanks is used  in low vapour services and low vapour everopration , this tanks construction cost is less , and floating roof storage tanks construction cost is for more details click storage tank design
  • Chemical Reactors Selection & Sizing

  • Chemical Reactors Process Design

  • 3 -Phase Separator Selection & Sizing  

  • 3- Phase Separator Process Design 

  • 2- Phase Separator Selection & Sizing 

  • 2- Phase Separator process design 

  • Distillation Columns Selection & Sizing 

  • Distillation Columns Process Design 

  • Pressure Vessel Mass & Energy Balance 

  • Chemical Reactors Mass & Energy Balance 

  • Pressure Vessel P& Id Preparation  

  • Chemical Reactors P& Id Preparation  

  • 3 -Phase Separator P& Id Preparation   

  • 2- Phase Separator P& Id Preparation   

  • Distillation Columns P& Id Preparation   

  • Storage Tanks P& Id Preparation  

  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Selection & Sizing  

  • Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Design & Engineering  

  • Heat Exchangers Selection & Sizing  

  • Heat Exchangers Thermal Design 

  • Process Plant P& Id Preparation  

  • Distillation Columns Mass & Energy Balance 

  • Industrial Equipments Layout 

  • Process Plant Layout  design service

  • Steam-Heated Exchangers Design & Engineering 

  • Pressure Relief Valves Selection & Sizing 

  • Gas-Solid Mixtures Selection & Sizing 

  • Gas-Liquid Mixtures   Selection & Sizing  

  • Industrial Pumps Design Selection & Sizing 

  • Chemical Reactor Selection & Sizing Design & Engineering  

  • Continuous-Distillation Design & Engineering 

  • Dehydration Column Process Design & Engineering  

  • Distillation Column Piping Design & Engineering

  • Distillation Column Process Design & Engineering  

  • Distillation Column Selection & Sizing Design & Engineering  

  • Drum Separators Design & Engineering  

  • Evaporators Design & Engineering 

  • Falling-Film Exchangers Design & Engineering  

  • Fiber-Bed Scrubbers design & Engineering 

  • Fixed-Tube-Sheet Heat Exchangers  Design & Engineering  

  • Gas-Absorption Systems Design & Engineering 

  • Gas-Liquid-Column Design & Engineering 

  • Granular-Bed Filters design & Engineering 

  • Heating and Cooling Of Tanks Design & Engineering  

  • Helical-Blade Mixing pressure vessels & tanks design & Engineering  

  • High-Intensity Mixing pressure vessels & tanks design & Engineering  

  • Instrumentation Equipments Datasheet Preparation Design & Engineering  

  • Intensive Mixing pressure vessels & tanks design & Engineering  

  • Internal Floating-Head Exchanger Design & Engineering  

  • Jacketed Piping Design & Engineering 

  • JACKETS AND COILS OF Pressure VESSELS design & Engineering  

  • Mechanical Scrubbers design & Engineering 

  • MIXING PRESSURE VESSELS design & Engineering  

  • Mobile-Bed Scrubbers design & Engineering 

  • Mono-Pitch Roof Design & Engineering  

  • Packed distillation Columns Design & Engineering 

  • Packed distillation tower Design & Engineering 

  • Packed-Bed Scrubbers design & Engineering 

  • Particulate Scrubbers design & Engineering 

  • Pipe Insulation Design & Engineering  

  • Piping Pressure Loss Calculation 

  • Plate distillation Columns Design & Engineering 

  • Plate- distillation Tower Design & Engineering 

  • Pressure vessels blending design & Engineering  

  • Pressure-Relieving Systems Design & Engineering  

  • Process Design Of Pressure Vessels Design & Engineering  

  • Process Design of Storage Tanks Design & Engineering  

  • Process Equipment Foundation Design & Engineering  

  • Pull-Through Floating-Head Exchanger Design & Engineering  

  • Rack Supported Buildings and Structures (Warehouses) Design & Engineering   

  • Short-Tube Vertical Evaporators Design & Engineering 

  • Single-Screw Mixing pressure vessels & tanks  design & Engineering  

  • Spray Scrubbers design & Engineering 

  • Storage Tank heating Coils Design & Engineering  

  • Storage tanks Blending design & Engineering  

  • Storage Tanks Piping Layout Design & Engineering  

  • Suspended Catalyst Bed Reactors Design & Engineering  

  • Thermal Design of Tank Coils Design 

  • Three Phase Separator Process Design & Engineering   

  • Transportation Of Natural And Other Gas By Pipeline Design & Engineering  

  • Two Phase Separator Process Design & Engineering  

  • U-Tube Heat Exchanger Design & Engineering  

  • Venturi Scrubbers design & Engineering 

  • Wetted-Wall Columns Design & Engineering 

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